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First Maccabees Chapter – 5 – Catholic Public Domain Version

First Maccabees Chapters (English Bible : Catholic Public Domain Version – CPDV)

1 And it happened that, when the surrounding nations heard that the altar and the sanctuary had been rebuilt as before, they were very angry.

2 And they intended to destroy the people of Jacob that were among them, and they began to kill some of the people, and to persecute them.

3 Then Judas defeated in warfare the sons of Esau in Idumea, and those who were in Akrabattene, because they besieged the Israelites, and he struck them with a great scourging.

4 And he remembered the malice of the sons of Baean, who were a snare and a scandal to the people, lying in ambush for them in the way.

5 And they were trapped by him in the towers, and he took up a position near them, and he anathematized them, and he burned their towers with fire, along with all who were in them.

6 Then he crossed over to the sons of Ammon, and he found a strong hand, and an abundant people, and Timothy was their commander.

7 And he engaged in many battles with them, and they were crushed in their sight, and he struck them down.

8 And he seized the city of Jazer, and her sister cities, and he returned to Judea.

9 And the Gentiles, who were in Gilead, gathered together against the Israelites, who were within their borders, to take them away, and so they fled into the fortress of Dathema.

10 And they sent letters to Judas and his brothers, saying: “The Gentiles all around have been gathering together against us to carry us away.

11 And they are preparing to come and occupy the fortress into which we have fled. And Timothy is the commander of their army.

12 Now, therefore, come and rescue us from their hands, for many of us have fallen.

13 And all our brothers, who were in the places of Tob, have been put to death. And they have led away as captives their wives, and their children, and their spoils. And they have slain nearly a thousand men in that place.”

14 And while they were still reading these letters, behold, there arrived from Galilee other messengers, with torn garments, who announced according to these words:

15 saying that those of Ptolemais and Tyre and Sidon have assembled against them, “and all of Galilee has been filled with foreigners, in order to consume us.”

16 So then, when Judas and the people heard these words, a great assembly came together, to consider what they should do for their brothers who were in trouble and were being assailed by them.

17 And Judas said to Simon his brother: “Choose men for yourself, and go, and free your brothers in Galilee. But I and my brother Jonathan, will go into the country of Gilead.”

18 And he left behind Joseph, son of Zachariah, and Azariah, as commanders of the people, with the remainder of the army, in Judea, to guard it.

19 And he instructed them, saying, “Take charge of this people, but do not go to war against the Gentiles, until we return.”

20 Now three thousand men were divided to Simon, to go into Galilee, but eight thousand were divided to Judas, to go into the land of Gilead.

21 And Simon went into Galilee, and he engaged in many battles with the Gentiles, and the Gentiles were crushed before his face, and he pursued them even to the gates of Ptolemais.

22 And there fell of the Gentiles nearly three thousand men, and he took their spoils.

23 And he took with him those who were in Galilee and in Arbatta, with their wives and children, and all that was theirs, and he led them into Judea with great rejoicing.

24 And Judas Maccabeus, and Jonathan his brother, crossed over the Jordan, and they traveled three days’ journey through the desert.

25 And the Nabateans met them, and they accepted them peacefully, and they described to them all that had happened to their brothers in the land of Gilead,

26 and that many of them were trapped in Bozrah, and Bosor, and Alema, and in Chaspho, and Maked, and Carnaim. All these are large and fortified cities.

27 Moreover, they were held in their grasp in the other cities of Gilead, and they had arranged to move their army, on the next day, to these cities, and to seize them, and to destroy them all in one day.

28 Then Judas and his army unexpectedly turned their path into the desert, to Bosor, and they occupied the city. And he killed every male by the edge of the sword, and took all their spoils, and burned it with fire.

29 And they arose from there by night, and they went forth all the way to the fortress.

30 And it happened that, at first light, when they lifted up their eyes, behold, there was a multitude of people, which could not be numbered, bringing ladders and machines, in order to seize the fortress, and to assault them.

31 And Judas saw that the fight had begun, and the cry of the battle went up to heaven like a trumpet, and a great cry went out of the city.

32 And he said to his army, “Fight today on behalf of your brothers.”

33 And he came, with three companies behind them, and they sounded the trumpets, and they cried out in prayer.

34 And the camp of Timothy knew that it was Maccabeus, and they took flight before his face. And they struck them with a great scourging. And there fell from them in that day nearly eight thousand men.

35 And Judas diverted to Mizpah, and he fought and seized it. And he killed all of its males, and he took its spoils, and he burned it with fire.

36 From there, he continued on, and he seized Chaspho, and Maked, and Bosor, and the rest of the cities of Gilead.

37 But after these events, Timothy gathered together another army, and he positioned his camp opposite Raphon, across the torrent.

38 And Judas sent men to catch sight of the army. And they reported back to him, saying: “All the nations that surround us have assembled before him, with an exceedingly great army.

39 And they have brought the Arabians as auxiliaries to them, and they have set up camp across the torrent, in preparation to come against you in battle.” And Judas went to meet them.

40 And Timothy said to the leaders of his army: “When Judas and his army approach, close to the torrent of water, if he crosses over to us first, we will not be able to withstand him. For he will be able to prevail against us.

41 If, truly, he is afraid to cross over, and so he sets up camp across the river, we will cross over to them, and we will prevail against him.”

42 But when Judas approached, close to the torrent of water, he stationed the scribes of the people near the torrent, and he commanded them, saying, “Permit no man to stay behind, but let all come into the battle.”

43 And he crossed over to them first, and all the people after him. And all the Gentiles were crushed before their face, and they threw away their weapons, and they fled to the temple that was in Carnaim.

44 And he occupied that city, and he burned the temple with fire, along with all the things that were in it. And Carnaim was subdued, and it could not stand against the face of Judas.

45 And Judas gathered together all the Israelites who were in the land of Gilead, from the least even to the greatest, with their wives and children, and a very great army, to come into the land of Judah.

46 And they came as far as Ephron. And this was a great city, positioned at the entrance, strongly fortified, and there was no way to go around it on the right or on the left, but the path was through the midst of it.

47 And those who were in the city shut themselves in and barricaded the gates with stones. And so Judas sent to them with words of peace,

48 saying, “Let us cross through your land, to go into our own land, and no one will harm you; we will only cross through on foot.” But they were not willing to open to them.

49 Then Judas instructed a proclamation to be made in the camp, that they would engage them, each one from the place where he was.

50 And the men of the army drew close. And he assaulted that city all day and all night. And the city was delivered into his hand.

51 And they destroyed every male with the edge of the sword, and he eradicated the city, and he took its spoils, and he crossed through the entire city, over those who had been slain.

52 Then they crossed over the Jordan to the great plain that is opposite the face of Bethshan.

53 And Judas was gathering the stragglers and exhorting the people, throughout the entire way, until they came into the land of Judah.

54 And they ascended to mount Zion with joy and gladness, and they offered holocausts, because not one of them had fallen, until they had returned in peace.

55 Now in the days that Judas and Jonathan were in the land of Gilead, and Simon his brother was in Galilee against the face of Ptolemais:

56 Joseph, the son of Zachariah, and Azariah, the leader of the army, heard good things about the battles that were fought.

57 And he said, “Let us also make a name for ourselves, and let us go to fight against the Gentiles that are all around us.”

58 And he gave orders to those who were in his army, and they went out towards Jamnia.

59 And Gorgias and his men exited the city, to meet them in the fight.

60 And Joseph and Azariah were forced to flee, even to the borders of Judea. And there fell on that day, from the people of Israel, up to two thousand men, and it was a great defeat for the people.

61 For they did not listen to Judas and his brothers, supposing that they should act boldly.

62 But these were not of the offspring of those men by whom salvation was brought to Israel.

63 And the men of Judah were magnified greatly in the sight of all Israel and of all the nations where their name was heard.

64 And the people gathered to them with favorable acclamations.

65 And so Judas and his brothers went out and assailed the sons of Esau, in the land that is toward the south, and he struck Hebron and her sister cities, and he burned its walls and the towers all around it with fire.

66 And he moved his camp to go into the land of the foreigners, and he traveled through Samaria.

67 In that day, some priests fell in battle. Since they desired to act boldly, they went out, without counsel, into the battle.

68 And Judas turned aside to Azotus, into the land of the foreigners, and he destroyed their altars, and he burned the statues of their gods with fire. And he seized the spoils of the cities, and he returned to the land of Judah.

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