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Zechariah Chapter – 2 – Catholic Public Domain Version

Zechariah Chapters (English Bible : Catholic Public Domain Version – CPDV)

1 And I lifted up my eyes, and I saw, and behold, a man, and in his hand was a measuring line.

2 And I said, “Where are you going?” And he said to me, “To measure Jerusalem, so that I may see how great its width and how great its length may be.”

3 And behold, the angel, who had been speaking with me, departed, and another angel went out to meet him.

4 And he said to him: Hurry, speak to this young man, saying: Jerusalem will be inhabited without walls, because of the multitude of men and beasts of burden in its midst.

5 And I will be to it, says the Lord, a wall of fire all around. And in glory, I will be in its midst.

6 O, O flee from the land of the North, says the Lord, for I have scattered you into the four winds of heaven, says the Lord.

7 O Zion, flee, you who dwell with the daughter of Babylon.

8 For thus says the Lord of hosts: After the glory, he has sent me to the Gentiles, which have despoiled you. For he who touches you, touches the pupil of my eye.

9 For behold, I lift up my hand over them, and they will be a prey to those who had served them. And you will know that the Lord of hosts has sent me.

10 Sing praise and rejoice, daughter of Zion. For behold, I approach, and I will dwell in your midst, says the Lord.

11 And many nations will be joined to the Lord in that day, and they will be my people, and I will dwell in your midst. And you will know that the Lord of hosts has sent me to you.

12 And the Lord will possess his portion, Judah, in the sanctified land, and still he will single out Jerusalem.

13 Let all flesh be silent before the face of the Lord: for he has arisen from his holy dwelling place.

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