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1 There is a reproof that is not comely; And there is a man that keeps silence, and he is wise.

2 How good is it to reprove, rather than to be angry; And he that makes confession will be kept back from hurt.

4 As is the lust of an eunuch to deflower a virgin; So is he that executes judgments with violence.

5 There is one that keeps silence, and is found wise; And there is one that is hated for his much talk.

6 There is one that keeps silence, for he has no answer to make; And there is that keeps silence, as knowing his time.

7 A wise man will be silent till his time come; But the braggart and fool will overpass his time.

8 He that uses many words will be abhorred; And he that takes to himself authority therein will be hated.

9 There is a prosperity that a man finds in misfortunes; And there is a gain that turns to loss.

10 There is a gift that will not profit you; And there is a gift whose recompense is double.

11 There is an abasement because of glory; And there is that has lifted up his head from a low estate.

12 There is that buys much for a little, And pays for it again sevenfold.

13 He that is wise in words will make himself beloved; But the pleasantries of fools will be wasted.

14 The gift of a fool will not profit you; For his eyes are many instead of one.

15 He will give little, and upbraid much; And he will open his mouth like a crier: Today he will lend, and tomorrow he will ask it again: Such an one is a hateful man.

16 The fool will say, I have no friend, And I have no thanks for my good deeds; They that eat my bread are of evil tongue.

17 How often, and of how many, will he be laughed to scorn!

18 A slip on a pavement is better than a slip with the tongue; So the fall of the wicked will come speedily.

19 A man without grace is as a tale out of season: It will be continually in the mouth of the ignorant.

20 A wise sentence from a fool’s mouth will be rejected; For he will not speak it in its season.

21 There is that is hindered from sinning through lack; And when he takes rest, he will not be troubled.

22 There is that destroys his soul through bashfulness; And by a foolish countenance he will destroy it.

23 There is that for bashfulness promises to his friend; And he makes him his enemy for nothing.

24 A lie is a foul blot in a man: It will be continually in the mouth of the ignorant.

25 A thief is better than a man that is continually lying: But they both will inherit destruction.

26 The disposition of a liar is dishonor; And his shame is with him continually.

27 He that is wise in words will advance himself; And one that is prudent will please great men.

28 He that tils his land will raise his heap high; And he that pleases great men will get pardon for iniquity.

29 Presents and gifts blind the eyes of the wise, And as a muzzle on the mouth, turn away reproofs.

30 Wisdom that is hid, and treasure that is out of sight, What profit is in them both?

31 Better is a man that hides his folly Than a man that hides his wisdom.

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