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Sirach Chapter – 11 – World English Bible British Edition

Sirach Chapters (English Bible : World English Bible – British Edition – WEBBE)

1 The wisdom of the lowly will lift up his head, and make him sit in the midst of great men.

2 Don’t commend a man for his beauty. Don’t abhor a man for his outward appearance.

3 The bee is little amongst flying creatures, but what it produces is the best of confections.

4 Don’t boast about the clothes you wear, and don’t exalt yourself in the day of honour; for the Lord’s works are wonderful, and his works are hidden amongst men.

5 Many kings have sat down upon the ground, but one who was never thought of has worn a crown.

6 Many mighty men have been greatly disgraced. Men of renown have been delivered into other men’s hands.

7 Don’t blame before you investigate. Understand first, and then rebuke.

8 Don’t answer before you have heard. Don’t interrupt while someone else is speaking.

9 Don’t argue about a matter that doesn’t concern you. Don’t sit with sinners when they judge.

10 My son, don’t be busy about many matters; for if you meddle much, you will not be unpunished. If you pursue, you will not overtake, and you will not escape by fleeing.

11 There is one who toils, labours, and makes haste, and is even more behind.

12 There is one who is sluggish, and needs help, lacking in strength, and who abounds in poverty; But the Lord’s eyes looked upon him for good, and he raised him up from his low condition,

13 and lifted up his head so that many marvelled at him.

14 Good things and evil, life and death, Poverty and riches, are from the Lord.

17 The gift of the Lord remains with the godly, And his good pleasure will prosper forever.

18 There is that waxes rich by his wariness and pinching, And this is the portion of his reward:

19 When he says, I have found rest, And now I will eat of my goods; Yet he knows not what time will pass, And he will leave them to others, and die.

20 Be steadfast in your covenant, and be conversant therein, And wax old in your work.

21 Marvel not at the works of a sinner; But trust the Lord, and stay in your labour: For it is an easy thing in the sight of the Lord swiftly on the sudden to make a poor man rich.

22 The blessing of the Lord is in the reward of the godly; And in an hour that comes swiftly he makes his blessing to flourish.

23 Don’t say, What use is there of me? And what from henceforth will my good things be?

24 Don’t say, I have sufficient, And from henceforth what harm will happen to me?

25 In the day of good things there is a forgetfulness of evil things; And in the day of evil things a man will not remember things that are good.

26 For it is an easy thing in the sight of the Lord To reward a man in the day of death according to his ways.

27 The affliction of an hour causes forgetfulness of delight; And in the last end of a man is the revelation of his deeds.

28 Call no man blessed before his death; And a man will be known in his children.

29 Bring not every man into your house; For many are the plots of the deceitful man.

30 As a decoy partridge in a cage, so is the heart of a proud man; And as one that is a spy, he looks upon your falling.

31 For he lies in wait to turn things that are good into evil; And in things that are praiseworthy he will lay blame.

32 From a spark of fire a heap of many coals is kindled; And a sinful man lies in wait for blood.

33 Take heed of an evil-doer, for he contrives wicked things; Lest perhaps he bring upon you blame forever.

34 Receive a stranger into your house, and he will distract you with brawls, And estrange you from your own.

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