Tobit Chapter – 9 – World English Bible British Edition

Tobit Chapters (English Bible : World English Bible – British Edition – WEBBE)

1 And Tobias called Raphael, and said to him,

2 “Brother Azarias, take with you a servant and two camels, and go to Rages of Media to Gabael, and receive the money for me, and bring him to the wedding feast,

3 because Raguel has sworn that I must not depart.

4 My father counts the days; and if I wait long, he will be very grieved.

5 So Raphael went on his way, and lodged with Gabael, and gave him the handwriting; so he brought forth the bags with their seals, and gave them to him.

6 Then they rose up early in the morning together, and came to the wedding feast. Tobias blessed his wife.

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